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About Alicia

Alicia Older Photo



Alicia Appleman-Jurman was only 11 years old when the Nazis invaded & occupied Poland.  Alicia survived World War II & the Jewish Holocaust, the only member of her 7-person family (father, mother, 4 brothers) to do so.  She swore on the grave of her oldest brother, Zachary, that, were she to survive the War, she would bear witness to others about the atrocities she witnessed & experienced.

Appleman-Jurman began her "career" of bearing witness by speaking in schools & synagogues and with youth groups.  Eventually, the children who heard her story asked her to write it down so that their parents could also hear it.  Alicia: My Story, which she wrote over a 3-year period starting in 1982, is her answer to those children's requests.  The book is now a staple in Holocaust education around the country.


For more information about Alicia, please visit her website.