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Interviewee: Alicia Appleman-Jurman

Interviewer: Dr. Mark I. Greenberg

Camera Operator: Elizabether Tucker

Date: January 2010

Location: San Jose, California


Literature Resources

Both Fiction and Nonfiction

Author: Jodi L Harman

Date: March, 2014

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Website Resources

Author: Jodi L Harman

Date: February 2014


Lesson Plans

Authors: Names are listed here, but are not matched with which lesson written

Date: April, 2014


Video Compilations

Creator: Jodi L Harman

Date: September 2014



Authors: for the most part, the original provenance of each photograph is uncertain; any information that exists can be found in the metadata of each photograph, including its date.

Dr. Mark I. Greenberg scanned the physical photographs into digital format in January 2010.

Citation Information