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Introduction to Lesson Plans

The purpose of these lesson plans, written by graduate students in Dr. Michael Berson's "Teaching the Holocaust" class during the spring 2014 semester at the University of South Florida, College of Education, is to provide ideas, materials, & resources based on Alicia Appleman-Jurman's Alicia: My Story that educators everywhere can utilize to teach the Holocaust in their classrooms.

There is one lesson for each of chapters 1 - 21 of Alicia: My Story.

Under the tab for each chapter, the lesson plan's rationale & instructional objective(s) are provided; the lesson plan itself is provided via the link to a PDF suitable for printing.

Some editing by this exhibit's creator was done: to ensure, as much as was possible, format continuity among all lessons (e.g., font & size); to remove references to the author's own classroom & re-word sentences from declarative statements to imperative instructions and from the passive to active voice ("provide students with a copy of" instead of "I will provide each student with a copy" or "the students will be provided with a copy"); and so that the following information is in the same order:

- title / topic

- grade level / subject

- rationale

- instructional objective(s)

- essential question(s)

- NCSS theme(s)

- Florida State Sunshine Standard(s) / Next Generation Sunshine State Standard(s)

- Common Core State Standard(s)

- big idea

- key terms

- materials / resources needed for the lesson

- preparations

- instructional sequence & strategies -- introduction, procedures, closure, assessment, extensions / modifications

     - time allotment for each

- references

- attachments


The name of the graduate student responsible for creating the lesson plan has been removed; a list of the students who participated in Dr. Berson's "Teaching the Holocaust" class and thus wrote lesson plans for this online exhibit can be found here.

Introduction to Lesson Plans