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Chapter 1

"Before the War"


"What a person believes and how s/he celebrates those beliefs is an integral part of who that person is.  Almost everyone in the world believes in something, and how one chooses to celebrate that becomes a significant part of one’s life.  In this lesson students will learn about some of the religious traditions that are important in Judaism.  They will learn about the significance of these celebrations and how their own practices compare.  In a nutshell the Jewish High Holidays were and are a major part of what it means to be Jewish.  Students will examine their own lives and see what practices and traditions make up whom they are."


Students will be able to:

- Explain what the High Holidays are and what they entail.

- Compare the Jewish High Holidays with religious holidays/practices that they may observe.

- Determine which aspects of their religion / tradition convey the personal, true meaning of the celebration and share it with the class.



NOTE: The lesson plan for this chapter will be linked once this exhibit's creator is able to acquire a part of it that is currently missing.  Thereafter, the lesson will be available here.