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Chapter 14


"Through Alicia Appleman-Jurman’s experiences of surviving the National Bandera Organization and Nazis, and Wujciu’s courage to risk his life by saving 8 lives, students will evaluate how Alicia, her mother and everyone else who lived there, were able to survive. Students will interpret what gave Wujciu and others like him the courage and motivation to endure the risks to do what he did. Students will relate this to how they can be active in protecting people and standing up for and supporting people who are being persecuted or mistreated."

Students will be able to:

- Understand why people such as Wujciu risked their lives to support victims of persecution.

- Gain a sense of civic responsibility to support and protect human dignity.

- Interpret the challenges and risks that come along with decision-making.

- Analyze the challenges Alicia endured and leadership she assumed in protecting a family she found hiding in the cornfields.

- Interpret how victims of oppression have a responsibility to support and help those also being persecuted.

Alicia Chapter 14 Lesson Plan

Chapter 14 Lesson Plan