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Chapter 15

"The Bitter Winter of 1943"

"In this lesson, students will examine the role that faith and hope played in surviving the Holocaust. This will be from both internal and external forces, such as religion, family, and civilian aid givers. It is intended that students will take away a message about persistence bolstered by hope and faith in the face of many struggles, as well as the role that an individual can play in providing strength and support for others experiencing struggles."

Students will be able to:

- Compare and contrast Alicia’s experiences with civilian aid givers with those of survivors as presented through testimony.

- Compose a journal entry discussing the role of faith and hope in their own experiences.

- Analyze the efforts of civilian aid givers during the Holocaust as well as the impacts, both physical and emotional, of those efforts.

Alicia Chapter 15 Lesson Plan

Chapter 15 Lesson Plan