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Chapter 18

"Return to Buczacz"

"In Chapter 18, Alicia is asked by Danny if there is a god. This prompts Alicia to tell Danny that god is as lost as they are and that in order to help him they must show him that not all people are evil. She says 'We have to fight evil with good…I would not be able to continue to hate, because I knew in my young heart that hate could eventually destroy me.'

"The rationale behind the lesson is that forgiveness (and through it nonviolence) was a central part in the road to equality for many civil rights movements."


Students will be able to:

- Analyze primary sources in order to examine the philosophy of nonviolence developed by various civil rights leaders

- Create a visual (graphic organizer, poster, etc.) to showcase understanding of the three movements.

- Use previous knowledge from our unit on the Holocaust to make connections regarding individual freedom, religious freedom, and resistance.

Alicia Chapter 18 Lesson Plan

Chapter 18 Lesson Plan