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Chapter 6

"Guralis and Radishes"


"It is important for the student to be able to understand what bartering is and why someone would want to barter. Bartering is the exchange of goods when one person desires what someone else has and makes an agreement to trade what they have for the new item. People usually barter in a society where goods are scarcely available. For example, in Chapter 6 of Alicia: My Story, goods were limited in the ghetto and Alicia had to barter with someone to be able to receive radishes. In the ghetto, goods were scarcely available due to the German demands of confiscating most of the harvest of 1941 to feed the German army. By reviewing Chapter 6 and participating in “The Bartering Activity”, students will gain a better understanding of what bartering is and how the process takes place."


The student will be able to:

- Understand the process of bartering and in what circumstances it would take place, allowing the student to gain knowledge that can be built upon when learning about future history topics.

- Connect the experience of the bartering activity to chapter 6 of Alicia: My Story, providing understanding and empathy for what Alicia went through living in the ghetto.

- Understand what the culture and everyday life was like living in a ghetto during the 1940s in Europe.

- Understand and reflect on the struggles and restrictions that were placed on the Jewish people who lived in the ghettos.

- Develop a better perspective of what it is like to not have something and try to convince someone to trade with them for a certain item that they need.

Alicia Chapter 6 Lesson Plan

Chapter 6 Lesson Plan