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Chapter 9


"This lesson will be used to teach students about the use of disease as a force of destruction. Students will learn how disease was used in the attempt to eradicate people well before the Holocaust. They will be able to make connections between the use of small pox to murder the Native Americans and the use of typhus/typhoid in the ghettos during the Holocaust. This lesson is meant to show students that while using diseases as a part of warfare has become increasingly popular in modern history, it has been used as an agent of destruction for many years prior."

Students will be able to:

- Learn how Nazis used disease as a weapon against the victims of the Holocaust.

- Make the connection back to previous lessons on the Native Americans and how their lives were affected by those who came to the New World from Europe.

- Form an opinion on the uses of disease as a weapon of mass murder.

- Explain the different ways in which disease has been used to annihilate groups of people throughout history.

Alicia Chapter 9 Lesson Plan

Chapter 9 Lesson Plan