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USF Libraries Exhibits


The production of this exhibit in fall 2015, a stepping stone toward a much larger project, has been the work of many hands and minds coming together across the university and the community. 

Led by Laura L. Runge in the department of English, we coordinated with Melanie Griffin in the USF Library Special Collections, along with Barbara Lewis and Richard Bernardy. 

Dr. Runge’s team of researchers included Megan Mandell, Heather Fox, Micah Chapman and especially Haili Alcorn, who also took the lead in designing this exhibit. Special thanks are due to David J. Thomas of the department of History and Howard Kaplan from the Advanced Visualization Center at USF.

The work was supported by funds from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Humanities Institute of the University of South Florida as well as by the Florida Humanities Council. 

We would all be grateful if after visiting the site you took a moment to fill out the survey to provide feedback on the exhibit.   We thank you for your interest and encourage you to share this and future stages of the Florida Digital Postcard Environment with interested parties.

Laura L. Runge, Professor of English (