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Acting Rear-Admiral Bailey, U.S. Navey (sic). Destruction of the Steamer Scottish Chief and Sloop Kate Dale, in Hillsboro River, October 16-17, 1863. [Unpublished], October 24, 1863. 

Agricultural Enterprises Map, Upper Tampa Bay Watershed, portions of Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County, Florida. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, November 1961

Andrew, Chris O. Florida Shrimp: From the Sea Through the Market. [Gainesville], Fla.: Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Marine Advisory Program, May 1975.

Annual Report. Havana, Fla.: Northwest Florida Water Management District, 2008.

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company. Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and Connections. Buffalo, N.Y.: Matthews-Northrup Works, [between 1902 and 1905].

Bellin, Jacques Nicolas.Carte reduite des costes de la Louisiane et de la Floride. [Paris] : Depot de la marine, 1764.

Burritt, R.E. Biographical Sketch of Anthony Jannus 1890-1916, Pilot of the First Schedule Commercial Airline in the World. [Unpublished], [Date Unknown].

Cross Florida Barge Canal, The. Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Waterways Association, [Date Unknown].

Cross-Florida Barge Canal Project. Jacksonville, Fla.: U.S Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District, [Date Unknown].

Dann, Herman A. Address of Herman A. Dunn on the Everglades Drainage Question In Joint Debate with Hon. John W. Martin, Governor of the State of Florida. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Tourist News Publishing Co., 1927.

"Dazed but Not Defeated," Water Matters. Brooksville, Fla.: Southwest Florida Water Management District, September-October 2004.

Discovery 2. Gainesville, Fla.: Florida Sea Grant College Program, January 1, 1984 - December 31, 1984.

Dunn, Hampton. Key's Lighthouses Wrecked the 'Wreckers'. Tampa, Fla.: Hampton Dunn, [196-?].

"Faded Map Leads to Burial Spot of Pirate Gold." Tampa Daily Times, 1926.

Farm-Raised Florida Alligator. [Tallahassee, Fla.]: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, [Date Unknown].

Farm-Raised Florida Catfish. Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida department of agriculture and consumer services, [Date Unknown].

Fields, Irving. Miami Beach Rumba. New York: Edward B. Marks, c1946.

Florida Aquaculture Plan: Current Status, Opportunities and Future Needs. Tallahassee, Fla.: Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture, 1999.

"Florida Barge Canal: Will It Be a 'River of Gold' or $200-Million Dollar Killer of Nature," The Miami Herald. Miami, Fla.: The Herald Print and Pub. Co., December 21, 1969. 

Florida Boating & Diving: The 1993 Official State Informationa and Visitor Guide. North Miami, Fla.: Published under contract with The Florida Sports Foundation by Ulrich Communications Corp., 1993.

Florida Conservation Foundation. "The Cross-Florida Boondoggle." ENFO (June, 1974): 1.

Florida Marine Research Institute. Florida's Coral Reefs. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, 2001.

Florida Marine Research Institute. Florida's Salt Marshes. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, 2001.

Florida Marine Research Institute. Florida's Walking Trees: Mangroves. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission, 2001.

Florida Marine Research Institute. The Underwater World of Florida's Seagrasses. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, 2001.

Florida Mullet Recipes. Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Department of Natural Resources, Division of Marine Resources, [Date Unknown].

Florida Wildlife. Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, July-August 2006.

Four River Basins, Florida [map]. Jacksonville, Fla.: The District, [June 30, 1963?].

Fricken, Roy H. "The Conquest of the Everglades," Suniland. (March 1926): 36-39, 129, 136-137.

Gibbons, Sam M. Press Release from Congressman Sam M. Gibbons. Hillsborough County, Fla.: 10th Congressional District, [Date Unkown].

Gibbons, Sam M. Tampa Bay Watershed, Florida, Statement of Representative Sam M. Gibbons before the Subcommittee on Conservation and Credit of the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives. [Unpublished], June 20, 1963.

Gold, J.Chart of the Supposed Course of the Florida Stream. London: J. Gold, 1804.

Harbor Happenings: The Newsletter of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. North Fort Myers, Fla.: Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, Fall 1998.

Harbor Happenings: The Newsleter of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program. 14 no. 2 (Summer 2010).

Hawes, Leland M. Collection, Box 12, Folder: Gaspirilla, Special Collections Department, Tampa Library, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Hurley, June. [Untitled]. September 13, 1976.

Inadequate Justification of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal Project. Gainesville, Fla.: Citizens for the Conservation of Florida's Natural & Economic Resources, Inc., March 1965.

Ingle, Robert M. and F. G. Walton Smith. Oyster Culture in Florida. Tallahassee, Fla.: Oyster Culture Department of the Division of Salt Water Fisheries, Florida Board of Conservation, 1968.

Lincoln, Harry J. Dreamy Swanee Lullaby. Wiliamsport, Pa.: Vandersloot Music, c1926.

Overly, Flora. Gandy Bridge. St. Petersburg, Fla.: Flora O. Wilson, c1924.

Port Projection Chart and Map of Tampa Bay, [1966?].

Purdum, Elizabeth D. Florida Waters: A Water Resources Manual from Florida's Water Management Districts. [Brooksville, Fla.: Distributed by Southwest Florida Water Management District], 2002.

Reynolds, Smith and Hills. Tampa Bay Freshwater Lake Study: Engineering Feasibilty Report. Jacksonville, [Fla.]: Author, 1963.

Sayer, Robert. A Plan of the Entrances of Tampa Bay, on the West Coast of East Florida. London: Printed for Robert Sayer, 1788.

Schloenbach, J.M. "Oysters." Suniland. (March 1926): 48-49, 80.

Scott, Thomas M. et al. "Springs of Florida." Florida Geological Survey. Bulletin No. 66. Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Dept. of Environmental Resources, 2004.

Smith, F.G. Walton. The Spiny Lobster Industry of Florida. Miami, Fla.: Marine Laboratory, Virginia Key, University of Miami, June 1958.

Smith, Samuel Rodmond. Reclamation of the Everglades. [Miami, Fla.: Press Miami printing company], 1909.

So You Think You Have Weed Problems. West Palm Beach, Fla.: Central & South Florida, [Date Unknown].

Tampa Harbor, Fla. [map]. Jacksonville, Fla.: U.S. Army Engineering District, Jacksonville Corps of Engineers, [June 30, 1964].

"Tampan Finds $11,000,000 Buried Loot of Gasparilla." Tampa Daily Times, 1926.

"The South's Largest Sea Port, Port Dixie Florida: The Largest Natural Deep Water Harbor on the Gulf of Mexico." Suniland 3 no. 1 (October 1925): 101.

U.S. Defense Transportation [map]. Chart prepared under the supervision of the Committe on Inland Navigation of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress, 1963.

U.S. Department of Commerce. What You Should Know about Exporting: A How-To-Get-Started Handbook. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, August 1964.

United States Army Corps of Engineers. Four River Basins, Florida. Jacksonville, Fla.: The District, 1976.

Van Alystyne, Egbert. Way Down on Tampa Bay. New York; Detroit: Jerome H. Remick & Co., c1914.

Waterfront Property Owners Guide. Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Department of Environmental Protection, December 2001.

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