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Water is an all-important topic in the past, present, and future of Florida.  In many ways, water defined Florida at every stage of its history.  Water shaped the peninsula of Florida when European explorers and cartographers attemped to map the territory.  Agriculture, fishing, and tourism all rely upon clean water for profits.  Florida's role in warfare and shipping would not be possible without access to water and the state's strategic location between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

This exhibit showcases sources on all of these topics and more.  It also traces humanity's slow and often reluctant realization that Florida's natural resources are unique and irreplaceable.  With control of Florida's resources comes responsibility and stewardship.  The future health of Florida's water is ultimately determined by how we behave today.

Using materials held in the University of South Florida Tampa Library's Special Collections, this exhibit reminds us of water's importance to Florida's history and future, all the while displaying a variety of resources for use in further research.