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Marbled Godwit

Many prominent water scientists with decades of experience in the science and politics of ecology are retiring from active employment in Florida. The state’s historical memory has been vastly enriched by recording and preserving their stories. Generously funded by TECO Energy, this oral history project curates the memories of many of the bay’s most important stewards. Beyond offering an invaluable resource on its own, the TBEOHP provides vital context and background for existing resources pertaining to the environmental quality of Tampa Bay. The contextualization of this information and its global access provides scholars and community leaders access to unparalleled knowledge of a success story that directly addresses food and water security, public health, and the protection of critical natural resources. All interviews have been conducted by Dr. Ann Hodgson, whose understanding of the bay’s history and ecology makes her an ideal interviewer of other prominent scientists who promoted the restoration of water quality and ecological balance of Tampa Bay over the past several decades.

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