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Herbert Mannheimer


Herbert Mannheimer was born on 12 Aug 1927 in Bad Wildungen, Waldeck-Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany. Last known address, Banhofstrasse 6, Kassel. Deported to Riga with his parents and sister, Erika, category Jude (Source: ITS). The men and the women were separated at Riga. Herbert ran over to the women's side several times to be with his mother. The camps guards shot at him, and for a time, Lina and Erika thought he was killed. However, he is supposed to have been seen heading toward Russia.

Years of searching by his mother through the American Red Cross after the war ended,
never revealed Herbert's certain death, until 10 Dec 2010. Source: The commemorative book
of the National Archives for the victims of Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany (1933-1945) He died in 1943 in Riga-Kaiserwald Concentration Camp.