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Marga Maya Margarete Mannheimer


Marga Maya Margarete Mannheimer was born on 10 Mar 1921 in Lindenstrasse 12, Bad Wildungen, Waldeck-Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany. She lived in Kirchhain, Marburg-Biedenkopf, Hesse, Germany on 02 Feb 1937 where she worked as a house maid for Family Stern, Borngasse 261, until 1 May 1937, when she moved back to Bad Wildungen. She moved to Berlin on 27 Feb 1938. (Source: Barbara Handler Book). She lived in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany on 07 Feb 1941 (Registered citizen 7 Feb 1941- 26 Feb 1941, Source ITS). She lived in Treysa, Ziegenhain, Germany on 27 Feb 1941 (I have a photo of her here.). She lived in Berlin, Germany on 04 Mar 1941 and was employed with Siemens-Schukert Werke GmbH, as a machine operator, making airplane parts. She resided at Berlin-Halensee, Johann-George-Strasse 19. She was deported on 19 Oct 1942 to the Riga, Ghetto. The train with 959 men, women and children started at the freight station Berlin-Moabit. Upon arrival at Riga, 81 men who possessed skilled trades were selected to live. All other train passengers were killed immediately after arrival at Riga. She died on 22 Oct 1942 in Riga - Ghetto, Latvia. Source: The Commemorative Book of the National Archives for the Victims of Nazi Persecution of Jews in Germany (1933-1945)

The following stories were told by Freya Twork in July 2011:
Freya was best friends with Marga in Bad Wildungen. They used to go to the synagogue, sneak into the balcony and watch couples get married under the Chupah. Freya then took Marga to the church to watch weddings there. Marga confided to Freya that she wanted to convert because she did not like the way Jews were being treated in Germany. In fact, Marga was engaged with to a Gentile man in Berlin. He was an engineer who worked for Siemens. They had planned to marry after the war.

After Marga and her family were sent to Kassel after Kristalnacht, Freya took the train to Kassel to see Marga. At the train station, she asked for directions to where the Jews were sent. Someone pointed to a series of vacated empty warehouse buildings. Freya entered them, to find small make shift apartments, separated by sheets hung from the ceilings. She called out "Mannheimer" and Lina appeared. Marga and Lina invited Freya to stay for dinner. After dinner, Marga wanted to walk Freya back to the train station. Marga's mother warned her that Jews weren't allowed out at night, and that she would be spotted by the Jewish Star sewn on her coat. Marga, being head strong, insisted to walk Freya to the train, and just wore her coat inside out.