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Max Oskar Oppenheimer


Max Oskar Oppenheimer was born on 19 Apr 1915 in Schrobenhausen, Bayern, Germany.
He lived in Augsburg, Germany between 1915 and 1940 at Schisslerstrasse 10. From 04
May 1939 to 28 Oct 1939 , Max performed forced labor in the Ziegelei brick factory at
Hochfeld, Augsburg. He departed from Genoa, Italy on 23 Mar 1940 and arrived in New York
on the SS George Washington. He arrived in New York on 01 Apr 1940 with $9.00 in his
pocket. He was sponsored by Henry Frohlich, his 2nd cousin. His first job was at the 1939
Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens at a pastry stand as a sales clerk. Later he was
employed as an Assistant Manager at a Bohack Grocery Store between 1940 and 1942 in
Brooklyn, New York. He lived at 126 Weirfield St, Brooklyn, New York, between 1940–1959.

He served in the US military. He was inducted in the US Army and entered into active service
13 Nov 1942. He received an Honorable Discharge on 27 Jan 1946. He served as an Automotive Parts Clerk for 24 months, and attended Military Intelligence Training School for 9 months. Highest rank achieve was, Corporal. During his service, he was to be deployed to the war front in Germany. Before departing, he stopped by the infirmary to obtain ace bandages for a chronic varicose vein problem in his legs. The infirmary withdrew him from the deployment after a doctor examined his varicose veins. His entire battalion was killed in active duty.

He was naturalized on 21 Apr 1943 in Washington County, Maryland. He was
employed as a Wholesale Meat Salesman, at Henry Frohlich Inc, 181 Ft. Greene Place,
Brooklyn NY from 1946 until 1976. He married Erika Mannheimer on 14 Jun 1947 in New
York City. They lived together at 126 Weirfeild Street until 1959. In early 1950 Max had a
kidney removed. He apparently injured it earlier while playing soccer. He played soccer in
Germany, and in Brooklyn after he immigrated to the US. He lived at 70-47 174 St, Fresh
Meadows, NY between 1959–1994. In September 1990 he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage,
having surgery at Long Island Jewish Hospital on Kol Nidre. Max received post surgery
occupational therapy for two months. He returned home with round the clock companion care
for four years. His stroke induced dementia slowly worsened. In March 1994 he was admitted
to an assisted living facility in Huntington NY. He stayed there less than one day, when he
became very agitated. He was transferred to Huntington Hospital for one month, until in April
1994 he moved to the Long Island NYS Veteran's Home at Stony Brook, Suffolk, New York,
where he lived for 12 years. He died on 17 Oct 2006, of stroke related complications. He is
buried at New Monteifiore Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY.