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Robert Satterfield


Robert W. Satterfield (1876-1958)
[Running the Gauntlet]
Published December 1921 in the Binghamton Sun

On December 16, 1912, nearly 200 women began a 170-mile hike from Manhattan to Albany to bring attention to the casue of women's suffrage. The hike lasted 12 days and, as this cartoon depicts, was filled with physical hardships as well as opposition. The cartoon's "General Jones" is Rosalie Gardiner Jones, the organizer of the suffrage hike, and a well-known and beloved figure in the suffrage movement. A January 21, 1913 article in the New York Times describes how "Relatives, friends and strangers received the pilgrim leader with open arms."

Somewhat ironically, while this cartoon was drawn by a man, women cartoonists led the suffrage crusade and, according to historian Chris Lamb, were instrumental in the passage of the 19th Amendment. Following the 19th Amendment's passage, however, these same cartoonists lost their jobs with newspapers as editors felt their jobs were complete.