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Broad Street

     Jerry Rawicki interview by Dr. Carolyn Ellis

JR: One of the things that, again, it’s difficult for me to even talk about it, but I’ll try to reconstruct it. The street that we lived on was called Broad Street.

CE: Broad?

JR: Broad Street, and it was broad; there was a strip of lawn greenery in the middle of it. And we were standing, waiting—we were waiting for these things. It was freezing, and the Germans were of course patrolling the thing. And right across the street, there was—a good friend of mine lived, and all of the sudden I decided—you know, I was bored with this. My mother was there and all that. And I said, “Oh, I’ll see my friend.” And I thought I would run over in my—I was arguing with my mother about other things, you know, while we waited—but then I said, “Okay, I see him.” And my mother right away says, “Come back!” And as she yelled, I also heard the German say in German—[at] that time I didn’t know it. “Raus!” I knew that he wanted me to go back and I came back, and he came over and he pointed a rifle at me. Of course, at that time I didn’t realize that, but now, I realize how my mother must have felt.

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