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Phase I

Jerry Rawicki interview by Dr. Carolyn Ellis

JR: There were restrictions, there were proclamations, there were—then, of course, the most important thing is we happened to live in a Jewish section of town. But Jews who did not live in the particular sections were told that they had to move to the Jewish section. So naturally, the crowd—every Jewish family had to accept at least one other family, usually neighbors or possibly relatives. And we did—I remember one family that we accepted, and—there was—we were crowded, of course; we were completely out of our normal rhythm, as to speak—so to speak. But these were the things, but they were still nothing compared to what came later. 

Right now the Germans were—we were in what I call Phase I of the German extermination, which was designed to make us completely out of our way of life. Made us so uncertain what was coming, we didn’t know whether we were coming or going. The Germans were—the proclamations and these—all kinds of restrictions were coming fast and furious. Not as much, I think, to make us think, but to make us confused.