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The Judenräte

John Rinde interview by Chris Patti

J.R.: They formed the Judenräte, which is a Jewish a city hall, and they picked some prominent physicians and lawyers and so on to run it, to do their bidding. And they also made a Jewish police, you see, to do their dirty work. So, then when they needed people to for a work detail they would call the Judenräte, say, "Okay, send us hundred men tomorrow morning" to do whatever, and those guys would pick who would be sent for the work detail. And there was a tremendous shortage of food. People were starving and there was no money. And they would, you know, be marched out of the city—out of the ghetto, into the city to do whatever had to be done. And they weren't allowed to walk on the sidewalks. They had to walk in the street with the cars and stuff like that.

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