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The Gestapo

Kitty Zuchovicki interview by Tori Lockler

KZ: I went to school like every day, and suddenly the door opened and there was a few Gestapo people. They came in with a paper where they were reading about four or five names. My name was included, because these were all the Jewish children who they wanted to leave, to have no more right according to the law. No Jewish child should access the school anymore. But they came in, and they just yelled and said in German, I remember, in a very, very loud voice, “Raus!” meaning, “Out!” “Raus, Jüde!”

So, again, it was like that, the feeling, and all the children, the neighbor children and other children, started to “boo,” and to make fun, and to be really nasty. They were also saying that, “We don’t want the Jew here, go out! What are you doing? You take our places!” I was petrified, so I didn’t take my belongings. And so the Gestapo—one of the Gestapo men got them, and threw it over my head. And it was a terrible feeling that I kept for many, many years, because I was bleeding from the corner of a book that hit me hard on the forehead, and all the children were laughing and the teacher was just crossing their arms and completely indifferent.

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