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The Artist: Nava Lundy


Nava Lundy is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (B.F.A. ’05) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Cert. ’05).  Nava has been a professional artist since 1998, and has been painting over 20 years.  Her exploits as an artist have been featured in The Palm Beach Post, The Sun Sentinel, The Chicago Tribune, and The St. Petersburg Times.  Nava has also been a guest on several radio programs, and regularly conducts lectures on art and art history around Florida.

Over the span of her career, Nava has developed a diverse body of work, including portraits, landscapes, still lifes and drawings.  With literally a lifetime of experience in painting, Nava’s creative capabilities are boundless, and her commissioning patrons are often impressed with Nava’s ability to tailor her work to the specifics of their personal requests with her own blend of creative brilliance and ingenuity.  Indeed, Nava’s clients often walk away from commissioning her with a sense that they are themselves an integral part of the creative process. 

Nava’s work is currently on display at galleries and other commercial locations throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  Though she maintains and continues to cultivate a large body of paintings and drawings that she features on her website, she is also available for independent personal and commercial commissions. 

"Nava Lundy works in the present but draws heavily on the past in terms of her approach to painting. The results are rich with classical and modern influence. Hints of cubism and Picasso’s blue period percolate to the surface of Lundy’s pictures, yet the lasting impression on the viewer is one of unique originality. Recently earning her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Pennsylvania and her certification by the Pennsylvania Academy Of Fine Arts, this young painter is one to take note of now."

- Edward Montgomery Fine Art [gallery]