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Rosa Miller Biography


Rosa Miller was born in Thessalonike, Greece, in 1929. Her family had Italian citizenship, and she attended an Italian school, where she was a member of a children's fascist organization. When the Germans invaded Greece in 1940, Miller's family hosted a series of German officers in their home, one of whom warned them to leave the city because the Jews would soon be deported. When the liquidation began in 1943, her family was spared because of their Italian citizenship. Miller and her brother went to Athens, where their uncles lived, but their parents were delayed because their father was arrested by the Gestapo. Her father and brother went to the mountains to hide with a partisan group, while Miller and her mother stayed with various friends and acquaintances. After liberation the family stayed in Athens, where Miller continued her education and eventually met her husband, an American in the Public Health Service. They married and went to America, living in Brazil, Iran and Ecuador until Mr. Miller retired. She went back to university, earned her degree, and then worked as a linguist with the CIA for twenty-three years.