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The Move to the Ghetto

Sylvia Richman interview by Tori Lockler

SR: The move into the ghetto was—it didn’t seem to be a very big deal at that time. It was moving into another neighborhood and moving in with other people. It was like slowly [moving] from Krakow to an apartment living with my uncle, and then we had to move into another place and it was more crowded. But as a child, I only saw that we were crowded, we were living with a lot of people, and my father wasn’t there every day. My father was being sent to a place that he was helping build a camp; it was a labor camp, eventually. But he would go during the day from the ghetto and then he would come back to the ghetto. And then one day, he did not come back. He stayed, and my mother told me that he was interned in a camp called Janowska. That was right outside of Lemberg. So, that’s where he was while we were in the ghetto.