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A Young Witness

Toni Rinde interview by Dr. Carolyn Ellis

TR: And one day he took me to the office with him and we were walking down the street, and all of a sudden there were these horrible screams. A woman was running after a man, who was holding a child and took this baby and threw the baby into a truck, and the baby died. And the mother was screaming, screaming. And my father saw that, so he told his security guy to take me home, and that was the end of it.

CE: Do you remember that event?

TR: That event I remember very well, very well. That was like in your face—I mean, I was like four and a half years old at that point, maybe even closer to five. The following night, there was a note on our door that if you don’t leave in twenty-four hours you will be killed. So we packed and left.

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