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Citrus and "Values"


Bize, Louis A. Relation of the Citrus Industry to Values in Florida: Delivered at a Meeting of the Citrus Growers of the State Held in Lakeland in the Spring of 1919. Tampa, Fla.: Citizens-American Bank and Trust Company, 1919.

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Published in 1919, this reproduction of a speech delivered to a meeting of citrus growers discussed many of the solutions to the organizational problems associated with the industry. Compared to the 1911 meeting of the Citrus Grower Association, the problems of financing, marketing and pressure from California products had all been addressed. Indeed, by the 1920s Florida citrus was one of the most profitable industries in the state, supporting not just growers, but also bankers, railroad companies, industrial manufacturers, shipping firms, and real estate investors. The citrus industry is the leading contributor to agriculture produced in the state, which is the second largest contributor to the Florida economy behind tourism.