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The Suffering of the Armenians

Antranik Enkababian, Armenian Survivor

Because they want to make a name for themselves, like Hitler. He wants to make something from his life, like Talât did to the Armenians. He was the Interior Secretary of Turkey at that time.

And the thing is, all the organizers, like Talât Pasha, Jamal Pasha, Enver Pasha, and others from other cities, the famous killers, mayors and governors and things. Nothing happened to them. The Allies, they didn't punish them. They didn't do anything. They were all free. And the Armenians, one of them they kill in Berlin, and two other people, different cities. Talât they killed, and other two leaders they killed. But otherwise, nothing happened to them.

That's why. That's why. We that suffered got killed. Million of Armenians (inaudible) and property, our houses left, all the churches and everything. And no leaders get up, no leaders. Christian or any minister or head of the government. They didn't raise any voice, they didn't say anything. Why we have to save those Armenians got killed like that? They didn't raise any voice, nothing!

That's why Hitler took the chance. Who's gonna remember about Armenians? After that, it existed anarchy in the world that you can do something bad and it will be forgotten. Armenians suffered all that, and we're supposed to be the Allies.

And (inaudible) Pasha in London, they made a regiment that the Armenians, if they gave volunteers to fight in Jerusalem Front over there, they're gonna give autonomy to the Armenians in Cilicia. Armenians, they were (inaudible) and Armenian flags, Armenian tricolor. It was like Armenia. And it was so nice, everybody feeling -- even my mother start to feel a little better, that she see nice days after all. And Armenians respect so much the French people. When General (inaudible), one of the generals, I know he came. And they make a -- kamar (inaudible).