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The Kibimba Massacre

Henri Boyi, Professor, University of Western Ontario

There were so many horrific incidents, but let me give an example. If I may have that book, please? You can see on the cover of this book that it has done an inventory of most of the people who were killed and their killers: the Tutsis who were killed and their Hutu killers.

You see on the cover they talk of the Holocaust of Kibimba. This is the school where on October 22, where the principal put eighty students, eighty Tutsi students, in a classroom and set it on fire. And this was the first horrific thing. There were more killings and more people burnt into public buildings, into churches, everywhere, and some even killed by priests and nuns, very unfortunately. I'm a Catholic, and I would hate to say that when I know that such things happen in churches under the supervision of people who represent God.

But, this was one of the most horrific things that happened, and that got the media -- particularly got media attention, particularly inside the country, 'cause there is a monument now, a monument of Kibimba in the school where these children, boys and girls, all selected because they are Tutsis and put in the classroom and burnt.

In many other parts of the country, again, this happened, where Tutsis were put into public buildings and churches and in hospitals, where they went and killed all the Tutsis who were lying in beds. For instance, one hospital, Mutaho Hospital, which is very close to this school, which was completely destroyed, and all Tutsis that were found in that hospital killed.