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The Fate of Genocide Perpetrators

Joseph Mutaboba, Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations

Yet again, the double standards are going on unabated. It's a pity. We see, after five years after genocide now, when you look at how many efforts have been deployed and are being deployed; how much money has been put and is still being put in protecting, in making comfortable the life of the criminals, those who killed; and those who killed who are still at large, enjoying their life in Western capitals. I think that should be addressed comparatively to what the victims are undergoing today, wherever they are. There are some who are in the country; there are some who go to and fro -- to go and be witness, being witnesses in Arusha, for that point, and yet, nothing's being done for them; and those who are everywhere.

So, victims of genocide are still even more victims than before. And that should change. That should change. I do not see any single principle on Earth, which could say, "Go and reward the criminals and forget the victims." It's immoral.

Genocide cannot be something, which is localized only. Genocide is a crime against humanity. And genocide is something, which spreads around, like any contagious disease. When you look at what happened in Rwanda, for example, and you look at what happened in the Congo while we still had our refugees there, and when you see what happened in the Congo after they had been repatriated, and you see how many people are going on rampage again, how many people have been killed in front of a television camera and so on -- so, you say it's not something which is yours, it's not something which should be addressed by the national laws only.

But here, in the U.S.A., most people don't even know about it. They won't address the national or federal role and so on. The national role, it's very difficult to come and inculcate, but it should be the case. That is something we should change, and which should be taken seriously. It is starts as one, in the focal point of one, but grows as a cancer. It's bad.