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The Death of Francoise's Sister

Françoise Rudahunga, Rwandan Survivor

She was going to school, in university, and it was her second year. The university wasn't on vacation yet, 'cause we were on kind of a spring break, Easter break. The genocide started on April 6 and she was still at school, and the genocide started in the Butare area two weeks -- a week -- two weeks after the President died. And in that particular university, they had like a special -- like Interahamwe, special students sensibilized to kill, 'cause they knew coming the genocide. They have planned the genocide. Certain students knew about the genocide. So they have like a list of students that were supposed to die, and she was a part of them, she was one of them.

Yeah, they killed her, and we never heard of her. Last year when I went home, one of her friends that survived told me that she saw her die. I mean, she saw her dead. So, we know she is dead.