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The Worst Kind of Torture

Françoise Rudahunga, Rwandan Survivor

My best friend's mother, she was impaled through her vagina. She was -- she was hanging in the air for like -- along an hour, before she died. She was just bleeding, like internal bleeding, and she died.

They took her and then put her like on -- I mean, in front of -- like at the market, I think, in front of everybody. Everybody was seeing her, hearing her suffering, until she died. They were kind of celebrating her death, actually (inaudible).

And this lady I was in hospital with, she was nine months pregnant, and they cut her stomach in four places. She was just bleeding and bleeding before she died. Yeah. They took out her baby and cut the baby in parts, and she was seeing all that and she was bleeding herself. They let her bleed until she died.