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Early Student Life


Originally, USF did not have a mascot. Despite the Student Association’s efforts to choose a mascot through an election, USF still did not have a mascot until 1962. Some ideas that were entered were: The Olympians, Porpoises, Conquistadores, and the Florida Crackers. Finally, the Golden Brahman Bulls became the official mascot in October.
Up until 1973, USF held high expectations for their students in terms of how they should dress. Even in the summer heat, shorts were strictly forbidden and women’s skirts had to be knee-length. As expected, students didn’t always follow the policy but administration promised strong disciplinary action against students who dressed inappropriately.



Until 1966, the student newspaper was simply the Tampa Times with “Campus Edition” printed on the front page. The Oracle made it a point to focus more on campus events, clubs and organizations, and student life.
Smoking was allowed inside classrooms until 1974, and even then students and faculty could smoke in hallways or lobbies. Smoking was allowed inside residence halls until 1993.


Before registration was done on computers, it was done over the phone. Before it was done over the phone, it was done in person. Students would spend hours in line trying desperately to get into the classes they needed to stay on track. After waiting in long lines, students would get to the front only to find out the classes that they had chosen were full! They would then have to start over again. Until advances in technology were made that allowed registration to become easier, camping outside of the building the nights before registration or during add/drop week became a common sight.