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One of the most experienced divers working today. Bill Gresko came to Tarpon Springs from Ohio in the 1980s.

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Anastasios "Taso" Karistinos was a champion diver in his home island of Euboea. In 1974 he started diving in Tarpon Springs and one of his mentors was the legendary "John the Greek" Maillis. Built by George Saroukos, his boat, the Anastasi, is the…

Born in Turkey, Ali Ozunboylu worked many years in Kalymnos before settling in Tarpon Springs. A consummate professional, he is currently the longest working active diver.

One of the last living divers to have worked in a helmet, Phil Fatolitis learned to dive from his uncle Petros Fatolitis in the 1930s. He dove for the Navy during World War II, then returned to Tarpon Springs and worked in the industry for a total of…
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