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USF Libraries Exhibits


Exhibit Curator: Jane Duncan, Media Resources Specialist, USF Tampa Library Special & Digital Collections

Portraits and Photographs: Nava (Mentkow) Lundy

Oral History Interviewers:  Dr. Carolyn Ellis, Professor, USF Department of Communications
       Ellen Klein, Tori Lockler, Chris Patti, and David Purnell, USF graduate students       

Oral History Program Graduate Assistants: Alex Curran, Mary Beth Isaacson, Kimberly Nordon,
       USF School of Information          

Oral History Videographers: Jane Duncan, Nafa Fa'alogo, David Purnell and Richard Glenn Schmidt

Production Assistant: Malgorzata Moore, USF School of Information graduate student

Graphic Design:  Jane Duncan, Barbara Lewis

Faculty Advisor: Barbara Lewis, USF Tampa Library Digital Initiatives & Services Coordinator

Art and Autobiography Video Production:  Jane Duncan and Elizabeth Tucker

Special Thanks To:  Rosa Miller, Jack and Lisa Mentkow, and the Florida Holocaust Museum

This exhibit was originally published on March 1, 2012.