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In Hiding

Sylvia Richman interview by Tori Lockler

SR: My strongest memory is that we were always in danger of being rounded up. Prior to the ghetto, my grandmother disappeared one day—this was even before the ghetto. My grandmother was taken off the streets, and the family was very upset when she didn’t come back from shopping. The story went that she was taken by the Germans, and we never saw her again. Same thing happened to my two cousins that I spoke about before: their mother Karola and Anita and Olga disappeared, and they were never seen again. And so we knew that bad things were happening and people were disappearing from our lives: my father’s aunts, cousins.

But in the ghetto, we were—every once in a while there was going to be an aktion, or a rounding up of people, and my mother and I decided to hide. She decided we were going to hide in one of the buildings in the attic.

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