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The "H" Camp

Judith Szentivanyi interview by Dr. Carolyn Ellis

JS: And it took us about four or five days or something like that until we arrived to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

CE: Okay. And was that boxcar like the boxcar—

JS: Yes.

CE: —in the museum? Or was—

JS: Yes, very similar to that. And then—

CE: Do you remember anything about that trip? Being in the boxcar? Do you have any memories of that?

JS: No, I just remember sitting there with my mother and my little sister in that car. And then we got out and they said my mother to go on one side with my little sister and me to the other side. And I asked whether I could go with them and they said—they just pushed me to the other side, and then I asked whether I could visit them and then somebody said, “Yes, they are in the H camp.” And I asked, “What is the H camp?” and they said Himmel [heaven].

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