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I'm a Nobody

Kitty Zuchovicki interview by Tori Lockler

KZ: The German, the Nazis, the Nazis in that time, they considered Jews like—to make a comparison about humanity, a non-Jew person is like a squirrel with a nice tail, and you feel a good feeling and you want to feed the squirrel; but when you take away the tail, it’s not more a squirrel, it is just a rat. So, the Nazi considered the human race as just like compared with rats and squirrel. The squirrel, you have a right to live, and the rats should die—and even if there are little ones, because then they will grow to be adults.

All those kinds of stories that happened to other people, and they were told to my parents, upset me very much, because I just considered I have no right to live, I have no dignity, and if somebody talks to me, I should be thankful, grateful, because I’m a nobody.